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India is a vast geography. Rural India though offering vast untapped markets is a complex mix of varied cultures, economies and buying habits.

Consider the fact that a district in West Bengal can be 100 times bigger than a district in Haryana or Kerala. How to plan rural coverages and tap those vast marketplace.

The Rural Campaign planner (Module of 2G IndiaMapsInfo) or web based geoRural helps you in chalking out plans for your promotional van/research team in rural/ semi rural markets.

By using class based segregation, you can plan your rural market push in terms of planning, site selection (for distributors/ Retail counters), logistics and coverage buffers.

We bring to your desktop PC and through your browser, the mapping depth of rural India alongwith road and rail network. Just click of button and you could see the power of mapping to plan your rural coverages right on your laptop/desktop PC.


GeoRural PoI or Point of interest brings important locations, distributors and retailers points or other important information in your browser with few clicks of your mouse. Look at demo video at this PoI (link).
GeoRural Main Query helps you find the state-wise villages depending on demographic parameter. Look at demo video at this Main Query (link).
GeoRural Shape Query helps you find the state-wise villages depending on geographic shape like proximity circle, line with buffer, AoI (Area of Interest) rectangle and more. Look at demo video at this Shape Query(link).
GeoRural Custom feature allows saving of villages and shapes into text file and sharing of data with customers and colleagues. For demo, look at video Custom(v1) and custom(v2).
GeoRural local-maps allow users to map their own customized data/local data imported from Excel/XML file. For demo video, look at Local-Maps.
GeoRural Village directory data module enables search and map villages as per Census data nested in village directories. For demo video, look at village directory
GeoRural Quick demographics enable search of population, literacy and workers level data at various search levels. For demo video look at quick-Demographics

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