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A product for thematic mapping and demographic profiling of India. This product introduces you to maps of India at multiple levels. The product gives you power to analyze your market at state, tehsil, district, and village level based on census tracts and generates powerful thematic maps.

The product enables you to access and look at any map of India at any level ( State, district, Tehsil, Town or Village) with touch of the button. Access to Demographic Data (Census 2001) of India enables you to know vital information about your market-place. Imagine knowing the information that the state of West Bengal has 223 Census designated towns? In addition to above West Bengal also has 354 villages with 10000 + population?
The product also enables you to Create geographically logical and data-driven promotion tours/campaigns for you market coverage especially for rural and semi-urban markets. All this can be achieved in seconds and reports can be generated in Excel.

Some of the product highlights are:
Access to Demographic Data (Census 2001) of India.
Demographic Profiling — Unique & Class Legends.
Route Plans for Van/Promotional Campaigns
2G Composite Index
Query & Selection
Excel Interface facility: Import or Export.
Quick Demographic Access Module


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