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The product bTrendZ begins with distribution network mapping.

The significance of distribution network mapping is huge and it can substantially affect sales-marketing effort:
1. All your branches would be able to locate their stockists geographically resulting in better planning.
2. The total sales/marketing system becomes “fewer people dependent”. (If Area Manager leaves or transferred, the new person can have better understanding of the territory in short time).
3. The sales analysis becomes more streamlined as per current administrative boundaries (census 2001). This can help you later in marketing efforts overhauling and revamps.
4. Business data inputs (like data purchased from research agencies ACNielsen, etc.) become more relevant as you have your data charted out in systematic way.

Once distribution network mapping is complete , bTrendZ attach it to Sales Data (sitting on SQL Server 2005 Express) and brings complete map based business analysis in just few clicks. The sales and inventories can be viewed at India's geographic and clients's area classification levels.


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