geo { spatial + informatics }

Business GIS enables mapping of business data on base maps. Business information parameters like sales, customer inventory, potential market segmentation and demographic profile form the defining factors for all industrial segments like FMCG, Retail, Real-estate, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, etc. Since most of this data has geographical location, it becomes important to use GIS for analyzing them spatially.

Business GIS and mapping have evolved into a formidable tool by which corporate world can use spatial information to manage their business.

PLine Technologies (PLineTech) implements the business mapping in a two stage process.

First the generic product geoRural is customized as per client's requirements. Then the custmized layers are created for clients' distribution network.

The next step involves the two way talking structure (bTrendZ) evolved through connecting business sales data to maps both at administrative and customized levels.


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