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BinoQ is a customized designed component which enables the creation of a web client that authorizes the front-end field force (Medical Reps/ Sales Officers) to browse and determine the business data parameters (sales /product-wise Distributor's sales data) of a respective business data.

Being a web-client, most important aspect of any web client is its security. As this web client is leveraged on the Microsoft’s .NET Web Application which is already coupled with the security bindings, all the respective features are pertinent to the web client too.
To gain more control on the web client a password-authentication provision has been provided which will enable only authorized personnel to browse and determine the business data parameters. The data access works on multiple levels. To give an example, Sales officer would look at data of its territory. Area Manager would be higher level. Regional Manager would be able to look at whole region. All India Manager would be able to see the whole data.

The solution(BinoQ) is versatile and generic. This is applicable to any business data model having its relevant business data parameters.


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