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GIS**Window(s) of Cloud-driven geo-Spatial & geo-Informatics Services
pLine geo(Spatial+Informatics)
pLine Technologies specializes in GIS programming and creating solutions for Business Mapping.
pline tech
With the help of Maps, web APIs (e.g. Google Maps, Open Layers and more) and open source GIS software libraries, pLine has developed desktop & web driven business analysis and demographic profiling tools.
Clientsdigital mapping
Clients^ from domains including FMCG, Rural Marketing, Crop Protection, News, DTH, Pharmaceuticals have used our maps for planning coverages.
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Location Mapping Demo Project
This small example (called kIndex) using html5, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and Google Maps API v3.
Point in Polygon Query
This module lets you create a point in polygon query.
Election Mapping Demo Project
iElect is a 'demonstration showcase project' that displays use of GIS web mapping APIs for developing tools to analyze and view India's parliamentary election results.
India Elections Result Analysis
iElect can get any constituency result from the data and map it on openlayers API for further analysis. iElect is available both in web format.
GIS Programming Services
GIS Programming Services
Programming web mapping applications on ArcGIS platform.
GIS programming
Utilization of Visual Basic .Net, Python, Javascript,Java to create mobile, desktop and web-based GIS applications and tools. Cloud computing and web map servers (GIS). Spatial database management systems (PostGIS, MySQL, MSSQL)
GIS Analysis Services
Business GIS Analyst Services Q.What duties Business GIS Analyst must perform for your business?
Business Analyst
A Business GIS Analyst uses extensive dataset (e.g. Census of India 2011 maps) and combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities. An extensive charting facility is also available.
Cloud driven Maps Product
bTrendz© SDSS is a business intelligence Dashboard that helps you analyse your data in terms of visualization, data presentation on maps and analytic(s). bTrendZ
These web-based tools are a great resource for understanding your business spatially (Spatial Decision Support System: SDSS).
Cloud driven Maps Product
geoRural© SDSS (Spatial Decision Support System) is an interactive, cloud driven, web and mobile app based system, designed to plan coverage and reach for a business in India (read complex marketplace). It uses demographics data and web mapping to solve spatial problems like site selection, routing, distribution network planning and more.
SDSS for FMCG Retail
It also helps in analyzing this data using spatial tools like proximity analysis, heat maps, sized circles, markers and cluster maps.
Paper/PDF Maps Product
Mapline© is the PDF/Paper series/e-map-book business maps that help you plan, assess and analyze your coverage and reach.
These maps can be simply viewed in pdf format or printed on A5/A4/A3/A2/A1/A0 size paper sheets for reference.
Mapping Demo Project
iAgri is a 'demonstration showcase project' that displays use of GIS web mapping APIs for developing agricultural-data interaction tools for business and analysis.
Agricultural web apps
iAgri can talk to multiple data sources like crop acreages, demographics, weather patterns and more and help in creating intelligent decision making tools. iAgri is available both in web and mobile formats.

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